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Gneiss (Migmatite) exposure near Bancroft Ontario, Image credit: Craig Stoker 2017

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Looking for items that present rock study concepts simple enough for first graders? Or do you need supplemental activities to keep your 16 year-old Juniors excited about participating?

This page will direct you to a list of downloadable printable information and worksheet activities for all ages. This is an evolving collection: Watch as more and more leaders across the USA contribute their best ORIGINAL ideas so all of us can spark the minds of our students.

NOTE: These items are free to you and your club, but are not to be sold or included in any commercial endeavor. Any use outside your AFMS-affiliated rock club should only be done with the permission of the authors.

NOTE: when downloading pdf documents from this page, DO NOT open in Google docs. Go to 3 dot menu in right corner, click, and select the Download option. (see photo below)

  • My Rock Collection!

  • River Country Sedimentary Craft Project

  • Mapping My Collection

  • Magnificent Minerals Activity page (Beginners)

  • More to come in the next few months ...

  • Mapping My Collection

  • Magnificent Minerals! (Intermediate)

  • How Earth's Tectonic Plates Shape Our Planet

  • More to come in the next few months...

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About the image on this page

Visiting magnificent geologic formations like this gneiss/migmatite hill near Bancroft Ontario is a great experience for learning and teaching! Photos of your rockhounding adventures will enthuse your Juniors and give them a bigger picture of the wonders they have yet to encounter.

Image credit: Craig Stoker