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Trackway, St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site, Image Credit: Lora Hall

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Lillian Turner Outstanding Junior Exhibit

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Many years ago a very special rockhound, Lillian Turner of Bethesda, Maryland, realized that the future of our hobby ultimately rests in the hands of those who are now juniors. She established a fund to award a junior whose exhibit is judged best at the national show. The presentation rotates around the country, taking seven years for a complete cycle, following the seven regional federations who host the annual show on a rotating basis.

First awarded in 1995 in Boise, Idaho, it has now made 3 rotations and was last presented in Big Piney, Wyoming, with the winner receiving $100.00 and ribbon at the AFMS annual Awards Banquet. The next winner will be honored in 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

To qualify, a junior must not have reached his/her 18th birthday at the time of the show and can compete in any of the 11 different divisions based on their interest. In the event there are no Junior entries in the competitive exhibit category, a Junior exhibit case in the non-competition category will be chosen.

This is a chance for juniors to share their collections, showcase their knowledge, and display their craftsmanship!

Announcing the 2022 Poster Contest

This Year's Theme: All About Dinosaurs!

Midwest Federation Of Mineralogical and Geological Societies (MWF) 2022 Youth Poster Contest

Sponsored by North Lakes Academy Rockhounds

This Year's Theme: All About Dinosaurs!

This contest is for kids and judged by kids. Michelle Cauley, 3rd grade teacher at North Lakes Academy designed this contest as a capstone project for the North Lake Academy Rockhounds. Over the course of the year, her 45 students in grades 3rd-8th learn how to design and follow a judging rubric, they write and defend reasons for points they assign, they gain geology and paleontology knowledge as they fact check the posters, and they have the opportunity to connect with other students across the county. The judging is anonymous and students at the North Lake Academy forgo entering.

Unlike many American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS) and regional contests, this contest is open to ALL students and is advertised at rock shops, libraries, and schools and across the county. Students DO NOT have to be members of an affiliated rock club or society. This allows the AFMS and MWF to reach out to families beyond our normal circles.

Entries must be postmarked by May 1, 2022.

For complete rules and entry instructions, click the link below.

2020 Grand Champion Winners

1st Place

Hannah Brodhagen

6th grade, Arizona

2nd Place

Kristina Kazuraite

7th grade

Chicago Rocks and Minerals Society, Illinois

3rd Place

Lucia Hetrick

5th grade

Ventura Gem and Mineral Society, California

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Future Rockhounds Juniors Volunteer Award

For YOUR Juniors in Your Own Club!

About the image on this page

This trackway preserved at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site in Utah is from an unknown species of dinosaur that lived 200 million years ago in the late Jurassic. Tracks are a special type of trace fossil called ichnites and the scientist that study them are called iconologists.

Image credit: Lora Hall