Activities for Middle & High School

An eager Junior works on a badge at home during a period of Covid-19 shutdown. Image credit: Angie Hartley

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Middle School & High School focus

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  • Mapping My Collection - See how many states are represented in your own collection! As Juniors place specimens on the display template, write in the names and draw lines to the state of origin, they get an inkling of what a huge and diverse country we live in. Add color and detail to make this a good project for club presentation and display opportunities.

  • Magnificent Minerals! - This 60-90 minute activity is designed to give older Juniors a basic understanding of mineral categories and characteristics, as well as a few "Wow!" moments as they learn ways to identify common minerals for themselves.

  • How Earth's Tectonic Plates Shape our Planet - A great way to introduce this subject to junior earth scientists!

  • Name That Dinosaur! - Great picture and information cards make learning a game.

  • Games and Puzzles - These original activities will stretch your older juniors' minds and make learning fun. Watch as more leaders contribute to this page.

  • Invertebrate Fossils Resources and Activities

Activities on paper are only one piece of the challenge to help kids discover the fascination of all things Rocks. Hands-on activities are also essential as we share the knowledge and the fun with eager minds.

Image Credit: Angie Hartley