World in Miniature

World in Miniature Badge, Image Credit: AFMS

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Step through the magnifying glass and learn to collect, clean, and store the smaller wonders of the mineral and fossil world. Here, you'll learn about miniatures (specimens small enough to fit within a 2-inch cube), thumbnails (fits within the space of a 1-inch cube) and micromounts (specimens so small as to require magnification with a hand lens or microscope to identify and evaluate.

Badge 16 - The World in Miniature.pdf

From grains of Sand to Cabinet-size specimens, this badge...

is a great way to help Juniors see the world in a whole new way! Besides geology, it builds both observation skills and spatial awareness for Juniors of all ages.

It can usually be accomplished in one session, depending on the length of your meetings.

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Microminerals, microfossils, and sand are best appreciated under a microscope, but larger specimens can be viewed with a hand lens or magnifying glass. Many smart phones also have a magnifier and microscope function build in or installable as an app. Perky boxes are also available with a magnifier build into the lid.

Image Credit: AFMS