This well-researched educational display communicates facts and fascination to its observers, Image Credit: AFMS

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Part of enjoying a hobby or any other endeavor in life is sharing your love with others! They say you don’t truly “know” something until you are able to teach it to another. Here is your chance…

Learning to communicate effectively is an important life skill. If you go on to become a geologist or paleontologist, you’ll discover that science isn’t complete until your findings are written up and shared with colleagues, either in a public address or journal article. You may even make a video presentation!

Badge 7 - Communication.pdf

This badge is best for older Juniors since it requires them to work on their own, and is most effective when their own individual creativity is allowed to shine.

With three different projects required, it provides a platform for more mature Juniors to explore different ways to convey knowledge and skills related to geology. Plan to keep track of projects completed over several months time, if necessary, to give your Juniors the individual opportunities this badge affords.

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About the image on this page

Real fossils like the Moroccan Orthoceras cephalopods on the right are a great way to get people to stop and look. Lots of color, simple maps and photos, and fact cards make this display effective and inviting.

Displays are one way to communicate. And communicating our love for geology is an important part of who rockhounds are, young and old.

Image Credit: AFMS