Rocking On

The Computer

Quartz Crystals, Image Credit: Lora Hall

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Are you “wired to learn”? The computer offers all sorts of fun, from video games to chat-rooms and instant messaging to websites where you can meet new people and learn about new things. The activities in this unit will help you use the computer to learn more about the hobby of rockhounding, to create presentations, to organize your collection, to find your way to collecting sites, and to safely connect with fellow collectors.

Badge 15 - Rocking on the Computer.pdf

This is badge is geared towards older Juniors since it requires them to work on their own researching topics and prepare presentations.

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About the image on this page

What do quartz crystals and computers have in common? More than you might think! Computer chips are made of silicon. The mineral quartz is an ideal source since its two main components are silicon and oxygen. Just like in watches, quartz crystals are used in computers to keep time and are a component of computer sound cards. Why? Depending on the quality, quartz crystals vibrates or ticks an exact 60 seconds per minute when electricity is applied to it them.

Image Credit: Lora Hall