First time display for a Junior reflects his love for minerals and focus on good information, Image Credit: AFMS

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A fun part of collecting and the lapidary arts is sharing what we’ve found or made. When displaying at a local gem show, we not only get to “show off” our own collections but also to learn from others, getting advice, sharing tips, and forging bonds of friendship through mutual interests. 

But... building an effective display involves more than getting a glass-fronted box and throwing in a bunch of rocks. Before you enter an exhibit into a show, county fair, or elsewhere, you should learn the rules of effective showmanship.

Badge 6 - Showmanship.pdf

The Showmanship badge helps a Junior rockhound move up a level,  from a kid who loves rocks, to a Collector who combines specimens with time, knowledge and artistry. 

This badge can be started in a small group setting, but also requires a public or competitive element, such as a Club Rock Show or full club event. 

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What's MOST important about your display? Is it sharing the fantastic colors, textures and shapes of your favorite specimens? Or is it about showing off the special places where you've collected, or maybe it's more about teaching the observers the correct names of your rocks, minerals and fossils. 

Whatever the aim of each of your Juniors, learning the fine points of clear presentation and layout will be helpful to them and those who appreciate their talent and knowledge.

Image Credit : Joan Stoker