Lapidary Arts

Making rocks into something special!, Image Credit: AFMS

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Many rocks that look dull and uninspiring on the outside harbor a gem within. Lapidary arts allow you to unlock the gleaming beauty. As with any art, successfully completing a lapidary project requires planning, guidance by an experienced mentor, and practice. Once you’ve learned about and have mastered the basics of workshop safety (Activity 4.3), jump in and practice, practice, and practice some more. It’s fun, and the outcome can be a thing of beauty forever!

Badge 4 - Lapidary Arts.pdf

Not ALL lapidary projects require machinery! Don't pass this one up without checking out all the different types of projects that can be done without cutting and polishing equipment.

This badge will take several hours, including learning about stones suitable for lapidary, types of lapidary arts, the required safety lessons, and then actually completing a project.

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About the image on this page

Cutting and polishing beautiful stones can take many forms, and the copper wire-wrap in the photo reminds us juniors can also make lovely items from stones others have tumbled. Pictured: a Thunder Egg (geode filled with agate) half from Oregon, an agate slab, and a necklace setting of a jasper-agate cabochon cut and polished by a 13 yr-old Junior many years ago.

Image Credit: AFMS