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Sulfur Crystals, Image credit: Lora Hall

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The Badge Program is one of many American Federation of Mineralogical Society (AFMS) Future Roundhounds of America (FRA) programs designed for club to use in working with youth.  The program is designed to reward youth with a series of badges, patches, and a completion pin. For each badge, there are easy to use activity guides. 

This program is only available to clubs or societies affiliated with the AFMS and FRA. The program is free to AFMS affiliated clubs including the patches, badges, pins, and downloadable material. 

Using the AFMS Future Rockhounds Badge Program.AFMS PPT 2022-23

Is the Badge Program New to You?

Check out this Google Slides presentation to get a quick overview. 

You can download the pdf of this presentation by clicking HERE: How to Use the AFMS FRA Badge Program is a 10 page Quick Start Guide in pdf that may make it easier to get started. Click!

How does the Badge Program Work

The program consists of 20 badges from basic earth science, to showmanship, to lapidary arts. When youth complete any 6 badges, they earn the status of Rockhound, and are awarded the rockhound patch. Their names are listed on the Honor Roll section of this website, by state and parent club. Those dedicated kids who complete all 20 badges earn the coveted status of Rock Star, are awarded an AFMS cloisonné pin, and listed on the Rock Star page.  

There are 139 activities to choose from, or over a half dozen activities per badge. Kids are only required to complete 3 activities to earn any particular badge.  Checklists make it easy for youth leaders to sign off on activities as junior members complete them.  In addition, back-up pages, photographs, and suggestions help leaders guide their kids through each activity. 

The entire manual is packed with 393 pages of information, so we suggest that you only download and print the section for the badge you are currently working on. To save on cost and keep the program free, print copies are not available.

Click on The Badges Page button below for the page with the complete list. Then, click on the badge you want, and you will find everything you need for that badge on one page. Click to explore and view, download to use! Have fun!

Requesting Badges, Patches, and Pins

If you are the registered leader requesting badges, patches, or pins there is no need to photo copy or scan the completed check list sign-off forms and snail mail copies or email scanned versions.

Simply email the current Juniors Program Chair, Lora Hall at the email address below and include:

Remember, only clubs affiliated with AFMS and registered with Future Rockhounds of America (FRA) are eligible to receive these badges, the Rockhound patch and Rock Star pin. If you are not registered, return to the "About FRA" page, Joining FRA section, for instructions on signing your club up!

The Badges Page - see complete list

About the image on this page

As a native mineral, Sulfur is a bright yellow crystalline material that forms near volcanic vents and fumaroles. Sulfur is the tenth most common element on Earth. Historically sulfur is also called brimstone perhaps because when burned, sulfur melts into a blood red liquid and emits a blue flame. (But don't try this at home!)

Image Credit: Lora Hall