Starting a Youth Program

Vanadinite Crystals, Image Credit: Thomas Parker Hall

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Starting a juniors program can be easier than you think! 

Encouraging curiosity in a child is priceless, especially when it comes to exploring the natural world around us. In this photo, a family on vacation stops to examine rock in a Pennsylvania outcrop. The young rockhound is carefully collecting a sample and making notes of his observations and the location. 

Image credit: Mr. B

Check out this Google Slides presentation for some ideas! Just click on the arrow in the gray box in the upper right hand corner to view in full screen mode.

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How to Start a Juniors Program pdf

How to Start a Juniors Program.AFMS PPT.2022-23

Besides the Google Slides (PowerPoint) above, check out these webpages for even more ideas and resources!

It has become clear that for many clubs the challenge isn’t finding kids, it is finding adult leaders.  So we have expanded our efforts to include recruiting new leaders and making it easier for them to start a new group or expand their existing program.

About the image on this page

Vanadinite is an attractive lead mineral and one of the major sources of the element Vanadium (V). Vanadium is used to make corrosion resistant steel alloys. Vanadinite's  attractive red and orange hexagonal crystals make it a popular specimen to collect. First discovered in 1801, it can be found in numerous arid locations including  including Morocco and Arizona. 

Image Credit: Thomas Parker Hall