Leadership & Citizenship

Amethyst Geode, Image Credit: Lora Hall

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Learning to lead is an important skill that benefits you far beyond our hobby. It will help you in school, in other clubs and associations you may wish to join, in your chosen career, and within your family and your community. As you learn from your youth leader, we hope you will be inspired to take the initiative to become a leader yourself. As you develop and deepen your knowledge and skills gained through FRA activities, assist in teaching your fellow youth members and in helping your youth leader to decide which activities to pursue with the group.

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Are you ready to take charge and lead your group?

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About the image on this page

Geodes may be plain and even ugly on the outside, but inside they can hold treasures including amethyst. Like any geode, amethyst geodes form when pockets fill with silica-rich fluid. Changes in temperature or chemistry cause the minerals to precipitate out forming crystals on the cavity walls. The color can range from pale, almost clear to deep purple depending on type and amount of trace minerals such as iron.

Image Credit: Lora Hall