Earth Processes

Folded Gneiss, Colorado Rocky Mountains, Image credit: Joan Stoker

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Volcanoes, Rivers, Mountains, Earthquakes - it's all here in this badge!

While the ground beneath our feet may seem stable, our Earth is actually an amazingly dynamic and fluid planet. Huge sections of crust called “plates” are always on the move, spreading apart from each other at some places like under the Atlantic Ocean, sliding past each other at other places like along the San Andreas Fault, crashing together at still other places to lift mountains like the Himalayas. Here you will learn about such processes, the definition of a rock, and how rocks of different sorts are formed by earth processes.

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About the image on this page

This specimen of folded Gneiss looks just like the huge folded layers in the mountainside where it was collected near the Moose Mountain Shear Zone in the Colorado Rockies. The earth process called metamorphism is responsible for changing the original bedrock into Gneiss, and mountain uplift caused the folding.

Image Credit: Joan Stoker