Beyond the Badge

Fluorite, Image Credit: Lora Hall

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Beyond the Badge - Can a Junior earn a badge more than once?


Many juniors earn six or more badges a year and since there is no beginning age limit, a dedicated and active junior can earn Rock Star before they turn 12. So, what happens when their club circles around and is covering a badge they have already earned? Here are some ideas from other FRA leaders.

How do you recognize their accomplishment?

Feel free the adapt this to YOUR club’s situation!

Looking for supplemental "Beyond the Badge" materials to challenge your Teens? 

Check out the resources below. Use any idea within any of these topics that may be helpful in your club. Just mouse over the upper right of each picture, and click on the arrow to view or download. 

Rock Mineral Adv BeyondTheBadge.pdf

Beyond the Badge  

Rock & Mineral Badge

Advanced, with a focus on  Mineral Identification 

Earth Process Igneous.Adv Beyond the Badge.pdf

Beyond the Badge  

Earth Processes: Igneous

Advanced, with optional teaching opportunity for teens

Earth Process Sed^0Met.Adv Beyond the Badge.pdf

Beyond the Badge  

Earth Processes: Sedimentary & Metamorphic

Advanced, with a challenge for thinkers Leader Key

Fossils Adv Beyond the Badge.pdf

Beyond the Badge  


Advanced, for fossil lovers who want to dig deeper

Collecting.Adv Beyond the Badge.pdf

Beyond the Badge  


Advanced, taking young rock collectors past the beginner stage

About the image on this page

All ready a beautiful cystal in normal light, purple fluoite is one of the best known fuorescent minerals. The first person to describe this phenomenon was English scientist Sir George Stokes in1852. He worked with fluorite, so he called the effect fluorescence. Ultraviolet light can “stimulate” the electrons within the atoms of certain minerals, and that stimulation makes the mineral shine out like a neon lightbulb under short or long wave UV light.

Image Credit: Lora Hall