Juniors Volunteer Award

 A teen Junior helps man a Children's Activity  Table at his club's annual Rock Show , Image credit: Joan Stoker

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Juniors can volunteer too! 

In fact, some of them will become the lifeblood of your club in a few years. The Future Rockhounds Juniors Volunteer Award is meant to start them out well!   

Chances are you have teens and pre-teens who help set up and take down at meetings, assist adults at Rock Shows and sales, maybe even help teach the younger kids. 

Whether it's working at the show, filling grab bags, or making cookies for the next Club Big Event, they deserve recognition. This award process requires real work, provides real acknowledgement, and gives older Juniors pride as they mature into members giving real service.

Let's Give a Round of Applause 

to the Volunteers of 2023-2024!

Note: This is not recognition for past service. It is a long-term incentive for any Junior member of your club, age 10 -17 to begin serving their club, and to record their own volunteer hours starting now.

The pin is earned by the Junior contributing 20 hours of volunteer work for their home rock club, keeping their own record on the official form, with leader encouragement and oversight. (Hours before Jan 1, 2022 are not acceptable. See below)

Juniors Volunteer Award: The Priorities 

To be counted for this purpose, on this sheet, the Junior’s work must be 

This award is not retroactive

Juniors Volunteer Award: The Process 

Juniors Volunteer Award: The Pin

The Award is a Pin. But more than that, it is a milestone, marking a junior's status as a member who can be relied on to take responsibility and care about others beyond himself. Present this award in your home Club, with senior members applause and appreciation. Encourage the recipient to wear the pin to each meeting to motivate both junior and senior club members to serve likewise.

This 20 hours is meant to be a beginning, not an end. From that point, it is hoped that serving the Rock Club alongside the adult members has become a habit, done for the joy of serving rather than for further recognition. 

We Proudly Recognize the Following Individuals




Gordon Brain - Tulsa Rock and Mineral Society, OK

This program was designed by Joan Stoker from Indian Mounds Rock and Mineral Club in Michigan for use in her juniors club. This is an excellent example of a program that worked so well at the local level that we wanted to share it with clubs throughout the AFMS and give all juniors a chance to show what they are capable of accomplishing. Please let us know if you have a program you want to share with other clubs. We will post it on the Club News page. 

AFMS Junior Volunteer Award official form.pdf

Award Guidelines & Juniors record form

This document is meant to be given to the junior and parents. It explains the guidelines for the award. The personal record chart to be kept by the Junior is on page 2.  

Click on the upper right corner of the document to enlarge it to view. You will also be able to print or download it from your viewscreen. Or you can click the blue button below for the pdf version.

AFMS Future Rockhounds of America just finished designing our own unique pin for this award! 

Happy Volunteering!

About the image on this page

Many rock clubs are stretched thin when it comes to the peoplepower needed to put on the big events. This club runs an educational "Eggbox Collection" activity for close to 1,ooo children during the 3 full days of their annual show. In the months previous to the show, over 20,000 specimens are collected and prepared for this. Adult and Junior volunteers make it happen. 

Image Credit: Joan Stoker