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Trays of specimens ready for a Rock Show Children's Activity, Image Credit: Joan Stoker

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Are you looking to spread the word about programs your club offers for kids?

Do you need help getting your club enthused about starting a Juniors Program?

Are you wanting to attract more families to your annual gem and mineral show?

Do you want to recruit families to join your club?

This page will direct you to a list of printable materials you can download and use to promote your club's youth programs. As this collection evolves, watch as more and more leaders across the USA contribute their favorite ideas.

Starting a Juniors program (Click below to download the pdf)

Rock Shows - Reaching Families and Kids for your Club

Show Activities and Display Ideas

As the Junior Activities Chair for the California Federation and past AFMS Junior Programs Chair, Jim Brace-Thompson worked with the CFMS committee to compile a “Menu of Kids’ Show Activities and Display Ideas.”

The goal is to provide a list of ready-made, club-tested suggestions for displays and activities for any clubs wishing to increase the variety and number of activities for kids at their next annual show. These ideas can also be used fairs, festivals, street markets or anywhere family's gather.

If you have and idea or activity you want to share, please use the contact form below or email us at the email address below.

About the image on this page

Sometimes the best PROMOTION to new families is your annual Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show. These trays of inviting specimens are part of an "Eggbox Collection" activity for kids. For $1.00 they get to choose a dozen specimens, complete with a little education as they move down the tables full of fascinating rocks and minerals.

Image credit: Joan Stoker